4 Moving Tips That Can Save You Money

Oviedo real estate

Moving usually is not an activity that most people look forward to even if the Oviedo real estate property is one of their dreams. But the process of moving can be time consuming, expensive and just a hassle.

Since so many people make a big move at least once or twice in their lives, a few words of wisdom have developed on how best to approach moving into a recently purchased Oviedo real estate property economically.

Get 4 ideas on how to save money on your next move:

1) Pare down what gets pack.

When you move, it is the perfect time to organize and declutter. Getting rid of the things that you don’t need, use or want before you actually pack will not only help with boxing up things but will make your new place that much nicer.

Now is the time to also reevaluate your furniture. What do you really want to move? Old furniture that you intend to replace should be given away or clothes that you haven’t worn for a year or more doesn’t need to take up any closet space in your Oviedo real estate.

Check out your kitchen appliances that just take up space in your cabinets. Do you really want to store them in your new Oviedo real estate property? Why not hold a yard sale and earn some money you can use to decorate your new home? Be sure not to hold onto something and move it in the hopes of selling or donating it later. That is just clutter that will find a permanent place to take up in your new place. Get rid of it before you move.

2) Try a moving service.

If you are upgrading your home, than you probably have a substantial amount of stuff. What most people don’t realize is the amount of time, hassle and injuries it takes to move themselves actually may be better served by hiring movers.

If you live in a large single-story or multi-level home, hiring movers will save you more than you realize. There’s a good chance you can find a local moving company that will move you into your newly purchased Oviedo real estate property at a price that is within your allotted budget.

The goal is to get everything into your new Oviedo real estate property in one piece and within a reasonable amount of time. Movers may be worth looking into.

3) Compare quotes.

You need to get at least three quotes when shopping for moving companies in and around the Oviedo real estate property you are going to move into. Just like with most local services, you should negotiate with movers particularly if there are close in price. Why not use the competition to your advantage. If you are moving between the fall and winter season which is the slowest time in the year for moves, then you’re more likely to be able to negotiate lower rates.

4) Free packing supplies.

You don’t need brand new boxes to pack your stuff. Go to local stores and ask if they have any boxes they are throwing out that you can take off their hands. Many grocery stores and other establishments will give you boxes. You also might want to ask friends and family members to start saving any boxes they happen to come in contact with.

If you can’t nab any free boxes, then look at buying boxes from local home improvement stores near your current place of residence or the Oviedo real estate property you are going to move into. Some websites also sell packing supplies at an affordable rate. Never buy packing supplies from a moving truck rental store because their prices are typically the highest.

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