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If you have a home for sale in Parkland, you certainly want to add to its overall value. A big part of doing so involves fixing up the bathrooms. It all starts with the design of the room. Nowadays, folks have a seemingly endless supply of accessories, as well as appliances at their fingertips. Narrowing in on the single best choice for your property can be unnerving. Should you spend the extra money on a giant whirlpool bath or treat yourself to a bidet? Is either luxury really worth the long-term investment? Fortunately, the KISS (keep it simple stupid) design method works fabulously when designing a bathroom.

For the last five decades, interior decorators have been placing a heavy emphasis on a bathroom’s color scheme. Trending designs have included vivid fish in a nautical setting. There was also plenty of plastic used in bathrooms. In the Seventies, the color of gold become extremely stylish and was found everywhere from the sinks to the towels and toilet paper holders. Pinks and browns were seen quite a bit in bathrooms as well. Like it or not, folks on the market for Parkland real estate these days usually view this Seventies style of interior decorating as dark and lame. These days, folks tend to prefer chrome over gold.

When planning your design, think about the best place to put the shower. You may want to install it over the bathtub if space is an issue. Of course, a majority of homeowners would prefer separate enclosures for the bath and the shower. Perhaps you can still combine the two, but change its appearance with a stationary glass screen, rather than a soft shower curtain.

Regardless of how good it may feel between your toes, do not put carpet in your bathroom, as it is a turnoff to most buyers. Real estate professionals agree that tile flooring works just fine, while remaining so much easier to clean. The same can be said about vinyl flooring in a bathroom. At the same time, do not forget about the windows in your bathroom. Blinds tend to be preferred over curtains when it comes to homes for sale throughout the Sunshine State.

It is always important to keep a residence nice and clean for showings, as well as any other time. You never know when folks will want to stop by to show the home to their brother or best friend. No real estate specialist wants to get caught with a dirty toilet or empty beer cans on the counter.

Finally, remember to check for mold in the sink, the bath, and the shower curtain. The last thing a buyer wants to deal with is mold in the bathroom of a new home and it’s a good way to send them running for the hills.

Remember, a potential buyer wants nothing but the best looking and functioning bathroom. It is up to you to deliver the bathroom of his or her dreams.

Take a look at some of the chicest ideas for the bathroom in your Parkland luxury home:


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