Boca Raton Homeowners Learn to Prevent Baldness

In the 21st Century, men and women with Boca Raton real estate have a variety of techniques on the market to prevent baldness, as well as cover up any hairless heads. Some medical solutions and tricks work wonderfully, while many other products are useless scams. Unless you want to glue a hairpiece of somebody else’s hair to your head, let’s take a look at some of the best answers on today’s market to baldness.

Dave Grass is a 38-year-old computer technician who owns a few different homes for sale in Boca Raton. He has always considered himself an average guy. There was nothing strange about his hair beginning to thin by the time he reached his mid-thirties. Before long, he had a big bald spot.

Even if Dave pretended not to care, it was embarrassing. He missed his long, thick and beautiful hair from childhood. The wavy bangs of his surfer’s cut would dangle in front of his face, and he could unconsciously play with the strong follicles for hours at a time. But Dave’s body aged naturally with time, and he lost his beloved thick head of hair.

Considering that there is only so much time that a balding individual can rely on a hat, Dave decided to take action against his balding scalp. He did plenty of homework on the web to learn about different shampoos and conditioners to prevent his annoying hair loss. While a few of the customer reviews were favoring, each product was only outweighed by negative customer feedback.

Dave also discovered special salons near his Boca Raton homes for sale for men and women to cover their bald spots. More folks are wearing these rugs than you may realize. These hair clubs make a mold of your balding head, and design expensive pieces of other people’s hair to stick on with heavy glue, comparable to rubber cement. The glue lasts roughly 4 weeks at a time.

Once Dave became familiar with the hair pieces, he could spot one on another person’s head in a second. They do not look natural, as the colors of the rugs’ hair never seem to match up exactly with customers’ real hair. He was also turned off by the rugs’ high cost, as each one ran a little over $500. The average person requires one or two new rugs and year.

The monthly maintenance cost wasn’t cheap either. Dave had to visit a specialist near one of his Boca Raton homes for sale to care for his hair piece. Occasionally, hair would be added, along with color before reattaching it to his scalp. Every visit to the special barber was between $60 and $120 a pop, as opposed to the $12 haircuts he used to get at the mall. Thanks to the expense and high maintenance necessities, Dave decided not to rely on any glued down rug to cover his balding head.

He may not have a full head of hair anymore, but the Boca Raton luxury homeowner is now perfectly content with his natural appearance.


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