Boca Raton Homeowners View a Scorsese Classic

Made in 2002 and now available on DVD, The Blues – A Musical Journey, is Executive Producer Martin Scorsese’s seven feature-length films that portrays the essence of the genre. Sitting in their Boca Raton luxury homes, viewers can see that each segment was put together by a well-known moviemaker, and explores the passionate art throughout the world.

“It’s a form of storytelling that is so universal that it has inspired people beyond our borders and continues to influence music here and abroad,” Scorsese stated on this documentary’s website.

Each episode is intended as a highly personal, sometimes impressionistic, creative reflection of each director on the blues. Boca Raton real estate owners watch Charles Burnett’s personal and heartwarming drama about blues life seen through the eyes of a young man. Wim Wenders made a suggestive piece that moves in a dreamlike fashion through time to accurately depict the lives of different bluesmen.

Perhaps the most noteworthy piece is Dick Pearce’s fantastic show on Memphis, including the great B.B. King. Chicago’s style was summarized and exposed by Marc Levin, featuring Chuck D and members of the Roots.  Mike Figgis reveals the British scene to viewers with homes for sale in Boca, while Clint Eastwood put together a classy bit on the great piano players in his portrait of a great American outlet.

In the first movie, Scorsese directs an American musician named Corey Harris on a pilgrimage through Mississippi before trekking to West Africa during his exploration of roots music. Spectators almost always think Corey is a great star for the picture, as he is well educated on the history of the blues.

Harris encounters a meeting with the great Otha Turner, sitting on his porch in Senatobia, playing his cane flute. Then folks get to enjoy Otha’s concert in Brooklyn before celebrating the early Delta blues talents through the legends’ original performances, including archival footage of John Lee Hooker and Muddy Waters.  

Feel Like Going Home also consists of rare interviews for Boca Raton waterfront real estate owners to enjoy, such as with Taj Mahal, along with several other artists from the industry. Folks watch as Scorsese examines where the music grew from slaves’ field hollers, work songs, and spirituals before traveling up the Mississippi River to the juke joints, house parties and recording studios of Memphis and Chicago. Fascinated viewers see how the African-American creation known as the blues was embraced around the world.

Scorsese admits to always feeling an affinity for the blues, as the culture of passing on personal tales through music is incredibly fascinating and appealing. Feel Like Going Home allowed one of America’s greatest artists to honor the music he loves, preserving its legacy, and working closely with six other highly skilled directors to celebrate the simple blues.

When you watch and listen to the timeless messages of Hooker or Waters, you are moved, your soul will be shaken, and you may even be carried and inspired by its visceral energy. The messages go straight to a viewer’s heart. That’s Scorsese. That’s Scorsese’s Blues – A Musical Journey.


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