Boca Raton Homeowners Watch a Rockin’ Documentary

Boca Raton real estate owners certainly appreciate two things: high-quality music and movies. That’s why a crew of men and women get together every month or so in a Boca Raton luxury home to chat about a music-inspired flick. At the beginning of December, Boca Raton real estate owners had a chance to see and discuss A to Zeppelin, The Unauthorized Story of Led Zeppelin.

As the Boca Raton real estate owners saw, the DVD chronicles the English band’s brilliant twelve year history through numerous interviews of members of the Yardbirds, Vanilla Fudge, The Ramones, a burnt-out Jeff Beck, the mysterious guitar legend Jimmy Page’s ex-girlfriends and the most notable speaker, the band’s tour manager Richard Cole. The Boca Raton real estate owners loved seeing numerous rare photos and chats with band members.

Frank Gent is a middle-aged man with two homes for sale in Boca Raton. This month, he hosted the party in one of his Boca Raton homes for sale. Frank learned all about the mighty Zeppelin’s early days. They started blowing spectators away with performances for a few hundred at Los Angeles’s Whisky a Go Go or in The Boston Tea Party. Before long, Zeppelin took the entire U.S. by storm, selling out New York’s Madison Square Garden.

It was too bad for the Boca Raton real estate owners that A to Zeppelin does not offer live concert footage. A couple Boca Raton real estate owners even complained that the information on the DVD is repetitive, such as how early Zeppelin was influenced by American blues artists, such as Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker and of course, Elvis.

Jill Taylor is a businesswoman who just beautiful Boca Raton real estate. Jill learned that after Led Zeppelin II knocked the Beatles’ Abbey Road off the chart in 69, lead singer Robert Plant claimed it was merely the band’s music that drew listeners, and had nothing to do with their appearances, unlike the success of the boys from Liverpool.

Just about every Boca Raton real estate owner in the room knew that Zeppelin was considered rock’s most successful band after 1970’s breakup of the Fab Four. A to Zeppelin explains that even George Harrison was blown away that Zeppelin could play for more than two hours, night after night.

Mike White, another Boca Raton real estate owner at the discussion, told the others about Robert Plant’s son who died in a car wreck at the end of the 1970s. But when he passed out drunk and died a couple years later, it meant the end of an era. Pretty much every Boca Raton real estate owner agrees that the man was an integral part of Led Zeppelin who could never be replaced.

The only piece of new information offered to Boca Raton real estate owners is the inspiration for the song title “Black Dog.” A quaint canine died in a room and supposedly haunted the band’s recording studio built in the Wales countryside during the 18th century. The band may have quickly evaporated, but they will never fade away.


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