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If you are showing a beautiful piece of Parkland real estate for sale, you want it to look as attractive as possible. While less often says more to buyers, you should still have a few pieces of art on the walls. After all, you want the men and women looking at the property to feel at home, rather than looking at empty walls in every room.

More often than not, people have a specific painting in their heads when they go shopping. Men like mountains and skyscrapers, along with skylines and athletes. Women tend to go for more natural scenes, like flowers and sunsets. Children’s bedrooms have rock stars, Hollywood celebrities, and famous athletes. And who doesn’t love adorable puppies? It can be extremely rewarding to find the right painting for a specific room, such as fruit in the kitchen or Bob Marley in a teenager’s bedroom. While what is painted often comes into consideration, color is sometimes the only concern.

Keep the people looking at homes for sale in Parkland in mind. Not everybody feels comfortable with a religious painting. Jewish homeowners don’t want to look at a painting of Jesus, while Christian homeowners usually don’t care for depictions of the Wailing Wall, a mosque or a Buddhist Temple.

Buyers don’t always want to look at the mighty Led Zeppelin performing in New York’s Madison Square Garden, while others may despise FSU or even the Yankees. While personal opinions may or may not have a direct effect on a buy, it can never hurt to appeal to a consumer’s taste. Abstract paintings are usually the safest way to go.

Whether it is at the mall, a discount center, flee market, or online, think of the size painting you want when you go shopping. If you reside in a one-bedroom apartment in Broward County, you certainly don’t need to buy an enormous painting of a Pink Floyd album cover that will take up an entire wall.

More often than not, color is the deciding factor in buying a painting for a home. You want to get a painting full of colors that compliment your living space, rather than clash with it. As long as everything coordinates, a painting can hang in a home for many years.

It is quite rare for buyers to be turned off from a painting of a popular vacation spot. The Eiffel Tower works, as well the Statue of Liberty. Sky resorts, nature trails, and nice fishing spots in the Florida Keys are popular as well. The same can be said about animals, ranging from elephants and lions to sharks and dolphins, in their natural environments.

Don’t forget that there is nothing wrong with decorating a Parkland luxury home with reproductions of a famous painting. After all, thousands of South Floridians have Pablo Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, and Salvador Dali paintings on their walls. Every homeowner can look at the well-known paintings to see something different and experience various emotions. That is the beauty of art.


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