3 Tips for Coral Springs Real Estate to Beat the Summer Heat and Save Money

Coral Springs Homes for Sale Beat Summer Heat

The warm weather is on! There is some debate whether El Niño will continue and affect temperatures this summer with above-average temperatures to many regions, including Coral Springs real estate area. Whether it lasts or La Niña takes over, summer in Florida is sure to be warm.

Temperatures for Coral Springs real estate have already spiked with the first reach over the 90-degree mark coming in on April 2nd this year. This means lots of warm weather ahead for the next few months so you can expect air conditioners to be dropping their thermostats down quite low. But you don’t have to expect to pay high electrical rates if you prepare.

Prepping Coral Springs Real Estate for Summer

This summer Coral Springs real estate owners should be prepared to beat the summer heat and save on electrical bills. A key area that every homeowner needs to be aware of when desiring money-savings is insulation.

Insulation is not only designed to keep a home warm, it also keeps a home cool. A properly insulated Coral Springs real estate property can save its owner thousands of dollars in energy costs. Homeowners should conduct checks in these 3 key areas before the serious summer heat sets in:

  • Attic: This is the area in Coral Springs real estate that takes in the most heat from the sun. Homeowners should ensure there are at least 12 inches of insulation in their attics. Ideally, the amount of insulation should be about 15 to 20 inches if your Coral Springs real estate is to be considered a well-insulated home.
  • Walls: Wall should be insulated in every home, but there are many Coral Springs real estate properties that do not have insulation in walls. One way to check is to remove a switch plate and see if there is insulation on the walls. If there is insulation, it is important to try and determine if there is enough to make a difference.
  • Ductwork: Ducts that are not properly insulated can lose cooled air by as much as 30 percent. This will not only send your air conditioning system into overdrive but will cause your electricity bills to be much higher than they need to be. There should be no holes or areas of exposure in your duct system.

Beyond these checks, you also can do some things to Coral Springs real estate properties that will help keep homes from taking in too much of the summer sun’s heat such as:

  • Blocking the Sun: During the day, draw the blinds. This will help block and reflect the sun along with the heat it generates from entering your home.
  • Closing Doors: You can keep temperatures from rising within Coral Springs real estate by ensuring doors that lead to the outdoors are closed as well as doors that are inside the house. By doing this you can keep heat from being distributed throughout the entire property and raising temperatures.
  • Planting Your Savings: Did you know the U.S. Department of Energy finds three trees planted strategically around homes can save between $100 and $250 a year in cooling and heating costs? Trees or shrubs should be planted to shade the Coral Springs real estate and air conditioning units.

A thorough insulation assessment should be considered if you truly want to make a difference in your electrical expenses. A professional can recommend the best options for your home’s specific needs.

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