Decrease Dangers in Your Cape Coral Home

Too many Cape Coral real estate owners are klutzes. While one lady will fall down the stairs and break a wrist, another man will slip on his tile floor and sprain his back hitting the hard floor. Don’t laugh because it can happy to anybody, including you, your parents, and your children. Fortunately, there are a few precautions you can take to minimize such dangers in the home and prevent any tragedies that will require time spent in the hospital.

For starters, realize that accidents are going to happen in any home for sale in Cape Coral. We are only human. In fact, accidents at home occur much more often than break-ins and fires combined. In other words, you must make your house or apartment as safe as possible from hazardous slips and falls. If not, you may end up spending too much time in the emergency room.

For starters, every home for sale in Cape Coral should be 100% fire proof. Make it a monthly event to check your smoke detectors and their batteries. Test every one of them out to confirm they are working properly. It you don’t hear anything when you press the test button, simply put new batteries into the device. Just don’t fall off the ladder while doing so.

It is also wise to confirm that you have at least two fire extinguishers in your Cape Coral home for sale. It may be best to store one in the kitchen and one in the master bedroom, if not the garage. Just don’t ever keep them out of view by covering them with clothes in a bedroom closet or dirty laundry in the garage.

Confirm that every corner of your property is fully secure. Make sure that every window, door, and even your garage are all locked to outsiders. Often times, a security alarm is enough to detour uninvited guests. If not, a Labrador Retriever works just fine.

It never hurts to prepare your family for any emergency that can take place in a Cape Coral luxury home. Make sure there are a couple of exits that everyone can access. It also helps to have hurricane drills and plan a place for every member of the household to meet up. Designate little tasks to different people. For example, Billy will be responsible for putting up the hurricane shutters, while Amy will get all the food and water prepared if the energy should go out for a few days.

Finally, your home should be completely safe for all kids, as well as senior citizens. If you have a swimming pool or a hot tub, put up a soft gate to prevent anyone from accidentally falling in the water. Owners of pools also need to make sure that the poisonous liquids used to clean it are out of children’s and pets’ reach. As soon as your property is completely safe, you can open the door to kids, senior citizens and friends to have a joyous and safe day at the pool on your property.


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Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty has 42 locations serving 19 counties throughout Florida and approximately 1,800 sales professionals. The full-service brokerage, founded in 1999, is a wholly owned subsidiary of WCI Communities, Inc. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty is ranked fifth in the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices network and is the overall No. 1 fundraiser for The Sunshine Kids Foundation, having generated more than $3.1 million. To learn more about the best Cape Coral real estate business, visit today.

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Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty, a wholly-owned subsidiary of WCI Communities, has over 39 locations and more than 1,650 real estate sales professionals and team members serving 17 counties throughout Florida.
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