Delray Beach Homeowners Chill at Home with Reggaeee

If there is one thing that Delray Beach real estate owners appreciate, it is quality reggae. That’s why South Floridians love Stephen Marley’s Mind Control, the Jamaican superstar’s first solo effort in his three-decade spanning career. The release from 2007 is a mixture of his family’s familiar reggae, meshed with a handful of globally influenced sounds, ranging from flamenco to hip-hop.

“Mind Control” is a breezy, horn-spiced track. The singer views it as a modern-day form of slavery, expressing “Don’t let them mold your mind. They wanna control mankind. Seems like their only intention is to exploit the Earth.”

The anarchist track, “Chase Dem,” discusses crooked politicians, tapping into the disillusionment triggered by elected leaders in both the U.S. and Jamaican governments. Men and women with homes for sale in Delray Beach FL may think of Donald Trump. “Run them away,” Stephen shouts.

On the opposite spectrum, the hypnotic “Lonely Avenue” is the artist’s sweet ballad. It is actually an organ-soaked cover of the Ray Charles classic. Being a long-time fan of the performer, Stephen remembers feeling the icon’s pain when he blended his contemporary sounds with classic roots vibes. Finally, the closing track on Mind Control is a favorite among Delray Beach luxury homeowners. “Inna Di Red” featuring American pop star Ben Harper is a thoughtful, shaker-dusted meditation on inner peace.

The second son of Bob Marley works alongside older siblings Ziggy and Cedella, dancing and singing. At age seven, he began learning guitar on a nylon-stringed acoustic and was determined to follow in his dad’s footsteps. Stephen, his brother, and sister made their official debut in 1979, known collectively as The Melody Makers. The team cut their first single, “Children Playing in the Streets,” followed by an LP in 1985, Play the Game Right. The band became huge in every part of the world, racking up Grammy awards with their peaceful messages about love and unity.

In the 1990s, Stephen emerged as a pivotal production and creative force who helps oversee the different Marley enterprises. He also put together Chant Down Babylon, the platinum-selling star-studded Bob Marley tribute record, along with Ziggy and Julian Marley’s albums. Not only did he perform as a vocalist, percussionist, and guitarist for each musician, but he did so for Eric Clapton as well.

Stephen has earned the most Grammy awards of than any other reggae artist in history.  To this day, folks with Delray Beach waterfront condos for sale love hearing Stephen work on music with talents, including all of his brothers.

Stephen and the rest of the Marley family have worked globally for “Africa Unite 2007.”  The massive event included a benefit concert, symposiums, fundraisers, and concerts. The “Africa Unite for Peace & Empowerment Benefit Concert” was held in Johannesburg, South Africa. Stephen and Damian performed with additional acts. The goal of “Africa Unite” is to encourage peace, education, and empowerment for youth in Africa. The organization also reinforces the significance of Bob Marley’s legendary songs of freedom to inspire change throughout the world.

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