Environmental DVDs for Weston Homeowners

President Donald Trump and Mike Pence do not seem to be overly concerned about our environment. However, that is not enough to stop Weston real estate owners from getting emotional about Mother Earth. That’s why so many of them spend time enjoying scary films with true to life features about Global Warming and mankind’s destruction of our planet.

One film for men and women with homes for sale in Weston to enjoy is a fantastic courtroom drama about protecting the environment. 1999’s A Civil Action is the true story that was a #1 National Best Seller. It stars John Travolta as Jan Schlichtmann, a personal injury attorney, a.k.a. an “ambulance chaser.” The stellar cast also includes a delightfully eccentric Robert Duvall and the late James Gandolfini. Standing as one of Boston’s most eligible bachelors, Schlichtmann goes after a giant factory’s two owners for making the drinking water in Woburn, Massachusetts unsterile. The corporate polluters and their tainted water are responsible for twelve leukemia-related deaths of children over 15 years. Schlichtmann and his team spend all their money and resources going after the industry monsters and their “swimming pool.”

Another flick for folks with Weston homes for sale to enjoy is Julia Roberts in her Academy Award winning role as Erin Brockovich. The legal drama from 2000 is based on actual events. Erin is a single mother of three that exposes a life-threatening conspiracy after connecting real estate files with medical records. A $28 billion corporation released poisonous Chromium 6 into a local community’s water. The contamination is causing devastating illnesses among residents in the small town of Hinkley, California. The beauty queen is certainly willing to get her shoes dirty in uncovering the facts and exposing the cover-up. Using cleavage to flirt her way into a Records Room, the kindred spirit and her humorous mouth are unforgettable. Erin’s persistence just may be enough to get over $300 million, the largest settlement ever paid in a direct-action lawsuit in U.S. history. Watch for the real Ms. Brockovich in a cameo as a waitress named Julia.

Folks with Weston luxury homes can also enjoy 2004’s The Day After Tomorrow.  Global Warming suddenly takes drastic effects on our world. The radical change in temperature causes the polar caps to melt. Humans are faced with incredible tsunamis, hurricanes, typhoons, tornados, giant hail and widespread flooding as the planet starts a new Ice Age. The ibis of the most destructive storm is over Manhattan, and it looks as if the Statue of Liberty is located in the North Pole. Desperate for food, heat, and medicine, civilization is forced to regroup in third-world nations. Dennis Quaid stars as a climatologist and father to a troubled teenager, Donnie Darko’s Jake Gyllenhaal. While there are a high school love interest and fatherly issues in the script, special effects rule The Day After Tomorrow. Viewers can actually watch sub-zero temperatures chasing humans like a runaway train, freezing the ground just behind them. The educational picture ends with a hope for a brighter and drier future.


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