How Fort Myers Homeowners Save on Energy Bills

It just so happens that Florida has one of the highest percentages of current homeowners who paid cash for their residences, behind only New York, Alabama, and Michigan. The news may come as a nice surprise, considering that cash sales have been losing popularity in the last 6 years. In January of 2011, more than 46% of homes sold around the country were paid in cash, but the real estate market has experienced a steady drop in cash sales ever since.

Those homeowners in the Sunshine State who pay cash for their homes may want to save every penny possible. That’s why it is always smart to save a few bucks on energy bills. Following the right tricks, a Fort Myers real estate owner can make all of the necessary changes to his or her lifestyle in order to save a significant amount of money on his or her monthly bill.

For starters, it is always wise to make little changes in your home. For instance, open the windows on the cool days and depend on ceiling fans, rather than expensive air conditioning. You never know how much money a single blockage in an air vent will cost you. Simply by turning a ceiling fan on, air gets circulated around the room of a house. As a direct result, hot air is quickly cooled off, making the environment much more livable for any resident.

Switching your old incandescent light bulbs to LED lights is always smart as well. It can save you a small fortune, as the bulbs are much more energy efficient. LED lights also have a significantly longer lifespan. In fact, a single bulb can last roughly fifty times longer than an incandescent bulb. Just think of all the time and money you can save when you don’t have to replace your light bulbs every few weeks in your Fort Myers home for sale.

In the humid summer months, as well as the rest of the year in the Sunshine State, make sure to close all your doors and windows when the AC is running. Take a good look at all their seals to make sure cool air that you are paying good money for is not leaking out. You want them as tight as possible. Otherwise, men and women with Fort Myers homes for sale are throwing too much money away.

It is also suggested that Folks with homes for sale in Fort Myers can also replace their air filters every few months.  All you have to do is purchase a new one for a few bucks at the home goods, drug store, or even the grocery store. Doing so will help you breathe clean air in your lungs and filter out the air’s dust and dirt. Don’t forget, if you do not swap out your air filter for a new one, your air conditioner will just have to work harder, taking more money out of your bank account.


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Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty has 42 locations serving 19 counties throughout Florida and approximately 1,800 sales professionals. The full-service brokerage, founded in 1999, is a wholly owned subsidiary of WCI Communities, Inc. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty is ranked fifth in the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices network and is the overall No. 1 fundraiser for The Sunshine Kids Foundation, having generated more than $3.1 million. To learn more about the best Fort Myers real estate business, visit today.

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Florida Realty News
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty, a wholly-owned subsidiary of WCI Communities, has over 39 locations and more than 1,650 real estate sales professionals and team members serving 17 counties throughout Florida.
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