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Rather than stressing out over Hurricane Irma’s potential damage to your Windermere FL real estate, you can always get your mind off the weather for a few hours with some old DVDs.

For starters, men and women in homes for sale in Windermere FL will get a kick out of Richard Gere’s memorable performance in 2006’s The Hoax. Despite the actor’s aged appearance of his face, it stands as his best work since 1982’s An Officer and a Gentleman. Directed by Lasse Hallstrom, the plot revolves around a true-life con artist who in 1971 published The Autobiography of Howard Hughes. The charismatic writer may have even pulled it off if the billionaire himself had not discredited the work in court via speaker phone. Irving gets prosecuted on fraud and forgery charges, winding up in prison. Afterwards, the felon wrote an autobiography, greatly influencing The Hoax’s script.

The Hoax may intrigue homeowners to learn more about Howard Hughes. Surfing the web, you may discover a handful of riveting facts about the tycoon. Born in Houston on Christmas Eve, 1905, Howard Robard Hughes, Jr. was a filmmaker, engineer, industrialist, and pilot who owned Trans World Airlines. His parents patented a machine to drill oil. But they both died young and Hughes inherited a great fortune. Dating movie stars, the man went on to set multiple air-speed records. By the ‘50s, Hughes obsessive-compulsive disorder was growing evident. The illness darkened his life up to his passing in 1976 from heart failure.

Martin Scorsese’s 2004 film, The Aviator, makes sense.  Homeowners understand why the lead character went crazy, as displayed in the movie’s opening sequence when the nine-year-old millionaire is being bathed by his psychotic mother. She warns him of diseases, “You are not safe.” At least now a viewer can understand why the guru who ran his own empire was an obsessive-compulsive maniac.

Released in 2006, The Ten may make you laugh, but it is not the best choice for homeowners. In fact, its humor is quite juvenile. The immature comedy focuses on the Ten Commandments’ roles in our present-day lives. But Wet Hot American Summer’s director David Wain’s flick has very little to do with the holy list. Rather, the film is merely ten irreverent skits, some of which intertwine, based on the simple and humorless directives.

Each tale is introduced by a narrator known as Jeff, portrayed by The 40 Year Old Virgin’s Paul Rudd, sharing his personal opinions and marital dilemmas. The first story is about a gentleman who becomes an accidental hero after jumping from a plane without a chute. Next, Reno 911’s Kerri Kenney-Silver stars as a recent widow who enlists an Arnold Schwarzenegger and Eddie Murphy impersonator to be a father figure to her two African-American children. Eventually, the boys figure out that she had an affair and are actually descendants of Arsenio Hall. This segment’s casting is perfect, as Winona Ryder stars in the “Thou Shalt Not Steal” bit. Windermere Fl luxury homeowners agree that The Ten gives a whole new meaning to the term “no-brainer.”


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