Lively Pets in Palm Beach Gardens Homes

Just about every family living on a piece of Palm Beach Gardens real estate these days has some kind of pet, whether it is a Golden Retriever, a feline, or even a goldfish. After all, pets are part of the family.

Jerry Lawman is a college student who now attends Florida State University. The young scholar could not wait to move out of his dorm and into an apartment, simply so he could share his space with the family dog, Pooky. After all, the American Eskimo has been Jerry’s partner in crime since he was in middle school. The dog must be in hundreds of photos, as well as videos of Jerry and his friends partying like rock stars whenever his parents left town. Of course, Pooky was never allowed to eat people food or drink anything but water. Jerry babies his four-legged partner in crime.

Jen Simpkins may not be a dog lover, but she certainly appreciates cats. That’s why Jen now has four different felines living in her home for sale in Palm Beach Gardens. The woman makes it a point to clean out their litter box every day after getting home from work. Otherwise, Jen’s husband, Barry, will make them live outside. You see, Barry is not a fan of cats. However, Jen had each of her furry friends when she married Barry. He has no choice but to live with them and their litter box smell, as Jen loves to remind her husband on a daily basis.

Nancy Tyler is a princess living in a Palm Beach Gardens home for sale with two sons. While the two boys would love to have a big dog to play with, she refuses to get one. After all, Nancy has enough mouths to feed. Being a single mother, she doesn’t know how she’d find the time and money to make any additions to her doctors’ bills, haircut appointments, and grocery list. That’s why Nancy brought home three goldfish, Larry, Curly, and Moe. The unappreciative boys are so disappointed that they refuse to acknowledge the fish. It won’t be long until Nancy flushes them down the toilet.

Justin Walker is a 13-year-old boy who lives in his parents’ Palm Beach Gardens luxury home. Never in his life has Justin wanted a dog, a cat, or even fish. Rather, the boy prefers reptiles. Last year, Justin received a ball python named Monty for his birthday. He was so excited that he would wear it around his neck every night. In fact, Justin often forgot it was wrapped around his neck. One night, he fell asleep on the sofa watching TV, forgetting to put Monty back in its cage. When he woke up, the snake was gone. Justin and his parents spent hours looking for the missing pet, but never found it. Now his parents refuse to buy him a new one. That’s what happens when you are irresponsible. Who knows, maybe Monty will show up again one day. At least the Walkers don’t have to worry about mice roaming through their house.


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