Millennial Intrapreneurs Are Buying Delray Beach Homes

Want to know who is making an impact on the Delray Beach real estate market? It is millennials. But it is not just millennials filling up South Florida and buying Delray Beach luxury homes, it is millennial intrapreneurs.

Have you heard of a millennial intrapreneur? They are innovative entrepreneurs with Delray Beach homes for sale that create new businesses. These young professionals don’t have to work crazy hours in the hot sun and they can probably do most of their work in bed from their laptops. Better yet, there’s plenty of money to be made.

The global economy depends on millennial intrapreneurs to deliver new products to the market. Whether it’s a ground-breaking smartphone or a massive social media chatroom, people benefit from their practical inventions, breakthroughs, and improvements to today’s marketplace.

An intrapreneur is an inside entrepreneur or an entrepreneur within a large firm who uses business finesse to create a new and profitable project. With the firm’s resources at his or her disposal, a millennial intrapreneur’s focus varies on a regular basis. Today he or she may concentrate on grabbing consumers’ eyes, but tomorrow an intrapreneur will try to speed up a company’s shipping process.

Rather than focusing on a new business as a whole, like an entrepreneur, an intrapreneur deals with specific issues within an established company. He or she should possess advanced skill sets for specific tasks, such as brokering sales and search engine optimization. While their jobs often involve risk, successful millennial intrapreneurs get problems solved and increase profits.

Dave Walker is a Delray Beach resident who came up with a revolutionary way to recycle plastic waste. Walker and his team have developed machines that allow folks from around the world to recycle plastic waste locally. The end result can be products for sale, ranging from clocks, lampshades, children’s toys and art that’s made from garbage, literally.

It’s no secret that making a profit in today’s economy is easier said than done. Millennial intrapreneurs have to rely on new technology and advanced applications to use it on. There are also company rules to keep strategies effective, whether they are new or old procedures. Problems need to be recognized right away and quickly put to rest. It may take experience combined with the right education and ingenuity for a millennial intrapreneur to begin a money-making business. The blueprints for the machines are shared online for free, spreading the know-how all over the planet. This allows people to start experimenting, creating and producing never-before-seen products out of their plastic waste. Dave’s company helps the community and the environment.

Not unlike entrepreneurs, millennial intrapreneurs can grow their innovations and expand their business on a continual basis. Productive intrapreneurs analyze today’s consumer habits and plan for the future. They are not limited to a corporation’s old rulebook. This gives him or her an advantage over the competition. Millennial intrapreneurs with Delray Beach real estate quickly rise to the top, assisting a company’s growth and success by integrating new procedures.


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Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty, a wholly-owned subsidiary of WCI Communities, has over 39 locations and more than 1,650 real estate sales professionals and team members serving 17 counties throughout Florida.
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