Money Saving Tips for Fort Myers Homeowners

It’s no secret that saving money is easier said than done for millennials with Fort Myers real estate. You have to worry about everything from rent, car insurance, and groceries to college loan debt and planning for the future. You may stash a bit away every now and then, but will it really be enough money to pay off all of your loans, raise a family and eventually retire on a golf course? Fortunately, there are easy techniques for millennials to save money for tomorrow without losing any of today’s luxuries.

A number of millennials are currently having trouble paying for their Fort Myers luxury homes. According to Forbes, a recent report found “that millennials carry an average debt of $47,689.” Regardless, these men and women can still be optimistic that they will be able to save and invest in the future. All a millennial has to do is follow the right techniques to plan for a comfortable tomorrow.

1          Create a Realistic Budget

Whether it’s on an Excel file, a piece of paper or an old chalkboard, make a list of your monthly expenses. Then you can figure out how much money you owe and how much you are making. It can often be scary to see how many hours you must work to pay off the air conditioning bill or make a run to the grocery store. Then you can create a budget to figure out how to pay for everything that’s truly necessary, and where to cut back on expenses. Will your credit card be paid off before you get a new PlayStation?

2          Save, Save, Save

Dipping into your savings account every time you want concert tickets or new shoes can be a costly mistake. Put the money away somewhere besides your ATM or your checking account. It’s smart to invest. Let that money earn you interest somewhere that you won’t be overpaying in taxes and bank fees.

3          Pay Off Student Loans

Millennial student debt is one of the biggest factors weighing on the minds of the entire generation. When you took out your student loan, it was most likely the only way to afford your tuition. At the time, you viewed it as a positive debt. No one knew what the reality of those student loans would turn out to be – including you. But that debt is still on the backs of many millennials. Right or wrong, folks pay off their cell phone bills before college debt or sell their Fort Myers homes for sale.

4          Avoid Credit Card Debt

It’s a simple as ‘Do not buy things that you cannot afford.’ Plastic is important to building your credit and the reward points are always nice. But interest stacks up quickly, even if you pay the monthly minimum. Your credit score will plunge, leaving you scarred when it comes time to buy a car or start a new business. Maybe you will win the lottery tomorrow, but don’t bet your homes for sale in Fort Myers on it.


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Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty, a wholly-owned subsidiary of WCI Communities, has over 39 locations and more than 1,650 real estate sales professionals and team members serving 17 counties throughout Florida.
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