Orlando Luxury Homes Green Fence

Orlando luxury homes with beautifully landscaped yards are appealing for many different reasons.

Aesthetically, nicely trimmed hedges and well-maintained gardens provide a sense of class and sophistication to the curb appeal of Orlando luxury homes. Functionally, many homeowners find smartly landscaped bushes and plants can make for a fantastic green fence that doesn’t require any construction work.

Origins of Natural Fencing

European estates have been employing the use of plants to signify area within their own grounds where guest could sit for centuries. Borders and games were even sculpted with mazes created to keep deep thinkers thinking and children playing in the gardens.

Ancient landowners also used to erect outside borders with hedges and bushes that had thorns and prickly leaves to keep intruders from easily entering the area.

Today, these types of plantings are still enlisted to keep out invaders and elaborate landscaping plans continue to be developed to make gorgeous botanical barriers that can be enjoyed.

Practical Landscaping in Orlando Luxury Homes

Even though metal, iron, and wooden fences continue as traditional barrier, green fences appear to be gaining steam. The movement toward natural and sustainable options causing a trend in the green fencing market that Orlando luxury homes and their owners are embracing.

Green fences use trees, bushes and a mixture of plants to create a privacy wall. Finding a reputable landscaping company who knows which types of greenery would complement the external design of your yard and home is key, as well as making sure whatever is used will do well in the central Florida climate.

Flowering hedges offer gorgeous color during blooming season. Evergreens provide year-round coverage with leaves dropping and providing a peek through during certain times of the year. One of the best things about using a green fence is that its height knows no boundaries, other than the genetic limits in the species of plants you choose. So if a Homeowners Association (HOA) says fences can be no more than 4-feet high, but you are really wanting an 8-foot barrier between you and your closest neighbor, than think green!

Why Green Fencing May Not Work for You

The downside for green fences is that they take time to make their mature presence known and are not entirely impenetrable.

As with any plant, it takes time for them to take root. Orlando luxury homes and their owners who opt for natural fencing will have to be patient. A landscaper will need to plant the greenery with the right amount space so they can grow into their own space. In order to do this, time is required and the end result may take a couple of years before a satisfactory result is achieved.

Most homeowners start thinking about fences when they want to keep in or keep out things. Whether it is dogs, children, or peering eyes, fencing typically is done with these types of reasons in mind. If a solid boundary is mandatory, then green fencing may not meet your expectations.

However, some Orlando luxury homes offer the best of both fences by putting up a traditional fence, like iron or metal, and then placing selected plantings in front of it to soften or even hide the solid fence. This provides the green feel you may want to see along with a secure barrier to maintain privacy.

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