Oviedo Homeowners Discover Facts about Fast Food

Oviedo Homeowners Discover Facts about Fast Food

Like it or not, Oviedo real estate owners tend to eat a bit too much fast food. That’s why every person with an Oviedo home for sale should watch one documentary, Fast Food Nation. The big screen release fictionalizes the true-to-life meat packing industry for those with homes for sale in Oviedo. Richard Linklater directed an all-star cast including Bruce Willis and Kris Kristofferson. Fast Food Nation examines the health issues and social consequences of Oviedo real estate owners, as well as the rest of America’s love affair with fast food.

Screening the film in an Oviedo luxury home, Fast Food Nation starts off with brilliant cinematography, displaying a vivid sunset that eventually dissolves into close-up of hamburger patty being grilled. Oviedo real estate owners soon see a boardroom full of fast food business suits in Anaheim, California. Symbolizing McDonald’s, Mickey’s is the most popular fast-food chain in America, and its reps are knocking around ideas for their next advertising slogan. Oviedo real estate owners laugh as “Eat Me” is quickly passed over.

The next order of business in the meeting is frightening to Oviedo real estate owners. The higher-ups at the corporate offices learn that the frozen meat patties used to make burgers have somehow been tainted with cow manure. Forrest Gump’s Greg Kinnear is the chain marketing manager who is sent on an urgent mission to find out precisely how their product became compromised. Trying to uncover the source of contamination in the meat, Kinnear investigates a lab where burgers’ taste is created. As Oviedo real estate owners realize, it’s not a kitchen, and the scientist is far from being a cook.

It’s a long way from the Southern California to the immigrant slaughterhouses in Colorado. Oviedo real estate owners watch Mexicans who risk their lives to cross the border to work for Mickey’s at minimum wages. Here Oviedo real estate owners see the disturbing procedures of meat processing, from slaughtering the animals to packaging them in factories.

Oviedo real estate owners agree that the stories are most interesting as a number of cameos keep viewers interested. Bruce Willis is a humorous character named Harry. When questioned about manure in his company’s meat, his defensive reply is “Just cook the meat and you’ll be fine.”

Without a doubt, the most notable part is the closing scenes, which show the horrors of the burger factory’s “killing floor.” Oviedo real estate owners get to watch cows getting shot in the head, their blood drained, and being skinned before their meat gets cut up.

Watching the flick, Oviedo real estate owners were waiting for all of the various subplots presented to come together, like they do in Crash.  But they never do. Fast Food Nation makes spectators wonder how many dozens of times our fast food has actually been spit on, as seen in the movie. And how often do McDonald’s or Burger King knowing sell us contaminated meat? The conclusion shows the American way. Despite the health of Oviedo real estate owners, the economic giants will go on with business as usual. In real life, the bad guys win.


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