Oviedo Homeowners Watch an Eighties Classic

If there is one thing that Oviedo real estate owners appreciate, it is a timeless comedy. The modern classic from 1985, Better Off Dead, stars John Cusack as a high school student in Northern California, Lane Meyer. He is completely miserable after getting dumped for the captain of the high school ski team, Roy. After all, he’s “more popular, better looking and drives a nicer car.” He can’t take life without Beth and decides he’s better off committing suicide than going on without the superficial snob.

Throughout the film, viewers in Oviedo homes for sale see Lane trying unsuccessfully to do himself in. One time he falls from a bridge into the back of a garbage truck. Fortunately, Better Off Dead features plenty of supporting actors that are phenomenal.  Revenge of the Nerds’ Booger is Lane’s best buddy who snorts pure snow on the mountaintop. Then there is a Japanese drag racer whose brother talks like Howard Cosell.

There is also a French foreign exchange student, Monique, helps Lane fix up his 1967 Camaro and win a race. Lane’s nerdy little brother builds a space shuttle from his room is even successful after reading How to Pick Up Trashy Women. While working under Porky at a fast food joint, Lane brings a burger to life in the same method of Frankenstein. The Claymation meat-patty starts singing the Van Halen track “Everybody Wants Some.”

Folks with homes for sale in Oviedo tend to love Ricky. The overweight, horrible dresser snorts nasal spray on a regular basis, eats Jell-O through a straw, and tears up the dance floor at a high school dance. After the kid’s mother accidentally drank lighter fluid and lit a cigarette, Lane comforts him by saying “Gee, I’m really sorry your mom blew up Ricky.” Monique can’t keep the “dork head” from putting his “tentacles” all over her.

The flick’s best feature is the persistent paperboy, Johnny, who haunts Lane for the cash he owes. Lane creates numerous excuses, like “You see the problem here is that my little brother, this morning, got his arm caught in the microwave,” and “My grandmother freaked out and she hijacked a school bus full of penguins.” However, that doesn’t keep the kid away. In fact, there’s one parody of a horror scene with dozens of paperboys chasing lane through a moonlit park. Another time, Lane loses him from the top of his automobile by driving through a car wash. “No, I can’t swim” the pest cries.

By the end of Better Off Dead, Lane wins back Beth’s affection by beating Roy in a race. They ski the treacherous slope, the K-12. Lane wins after being chased downhill on one ski by Johnny. The winner overcomes the mountain and passes up Beth for his real prize, Monique. The two will live happy ever after. That’s if the $2 dollar-seeking paperboy doesn’t get them first. Every man, woman, and teenager living in an Oviedo luxury home should add Better Off Dead to their Netflix queues.



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