Homes for Sale in Oviedo Remodeling Ideas

Oviedo homes for sale often are offered on the Oviedo real estate market with dated fixtures, flooring, and other features. Whether you are trying to sell Oviedo real estate or you are looking to purchase a property in the homes for sale in Oviedo, you may find that it needs to be remodeled or at the very least renovated.

Before you get started on this venture, take a look at 5 important steps the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) recommends homeowners do before starting a remodeling project.

  1. Project Research. Research property values in the area so that you don’t remodel your home with products and materials that will price your home out of the local neighborhood’s market value.
  2. Think Long-term. Base your project goals and limits on your plans for the future. Estimate how long you plan on staying in the home. Also consider what upcoming changes your family might be facing (i.e. new baby, children returning home, elderly parents moving in, etc.). Your future family structure definitely should be taken into consideration and your plans adjusted accordingly.
  3. Budget Conscious. It’s important to outline a budget that can realistically be met. Your finances need to be examined and prepped in support of your project. Everything needs to be included. Besides the general project expenses, monies need to be set aside for all the products you will need to buy to complete the remodeling as well as all the contingencies that will naturally go along with it. Tell the contractor handling the project what your bottom line is. Any reputable contractor will stay within those boundaries and will let you know what you can expect to get within that outlined budget.
  4. Pick Your Contractor Carefully. Referrals are the best method for selecting a contractor to handle your remodeling project. Talk to family, friends, and neighbors to find out if they know anyone who you can trust to do your remodel. If you don’t have that at your disposal, then start by checking online reviews. Find a few names in the area and research the individual online. Social media can be helpful. See what kind of interactions may be going back and forth between the contractors and past clients or peers. These interactions will tell you a lot about the contractor and whether or not you want to get involved in a remodeling project with that person.
  5. Read the Contract. You will be dealing with professionals whose contracts are written to protect themselves, not the homeowner. Before signing a contract, read it carefully. You need to know the type of costs you will be obligated to cover and who is ultimately responsible for what. Details to look carefully at:
  • Payments
  • Time Schedule
  • Change orders
  • Responsibilities
  • Additional fees

Keep in mind, if one of these terms is not found in the contract, it obviously isn’t allotted for in the contract and could become a point of contention.

Get Advice from an Oviedo Real Estate Professional

If you are considering remodeling your current home or buying a fixer-upper, talk to your Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty sales professional. They can offer you experienced advice and whether the project really is necessary to make a sale or to seal a buy. Talk to one of our Oviedo realtors today!

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