Parkland Homeowners Love Scorsese

A well-crafted film, with fantastic acting, writing, editing and directing certainly means a lot to Parkland real estate owners. With Martin Scorsese standing as a favorite in numerous Parkland luxury homes, Gangs of New York is now considered a modern classic.

Jerry Whitaker is a business executive who owns a Parkland homes for sale. Just this week, Jerry hosted a small get together in his home for sale in Parkland to watch and discuss the Gangs of New York DVD.

The Parkland real estate owner explained opened the discussion. The other Parkland real estate owners learned that Scorsese gave the world Gangs of New York in 2002Based on 1928’s book of the same name by Herbert Asbury, the story is set in the period from 1846 to 1863. The epic chronicles New York City’s original gangsters, the Irish and Italian immigrants who began organizing violent and brutal crews to fight for control of the mean streets.

All the Parkland real estate owners enjoyed watching the birth of Manhattan and the way the different waves of immigrants survived in the city one decade before the Civil War. The story centers around two gangs, the Dead Rabbits and the Native Americans, who burned ballot boxes, plundered stores, businesses and private homes without fear of police interference.

Each of the Parkland real estate owners focused their attention on a 12-year-old boy who loves and idolizes Priest Vallon. They watch the young boy mature, rise to power, and attempt to avenge his deceased father. Folks also get to see his relationships with mentors, as well as with friends and lovers.

Jerry told a story about the film. The other Parkland real estate owners learned that when production was first announced, Robert De Niro was mentioned as playing Bill “The Butcher” Poole. Later, Willem Dafoe was labeled for the part. But ultimately, Daniel Day-Lewis was cast as the villainous role. Some Parkland real estate owners hard a hard time seeing pretty boy Leonardo DiCaprio star as tough guy Amsterdam Vallon. Of course, a majority of Parkland real estate owners thought Cameron Diaz did a marvelous job portraying a seductive heroine.

The Parkland real estate owner read the work of another timeless artist, Charles Dickens, describing a visit to the Big Apple in 1842: “Debauchery has made the very houses prematurely old. See how the rotten beams are tumbling down, and how the patched and broken windows seem to scowl dimly, like eyes that have been hurt in drunken frays. Many of these pigs live here. Do they ever wonder why their masters walk upright in lieu of going on all-fours? And why they talk instead of grunting?”

U2 earned a Golden Globe nomination for Gangs of New York’s “The Hands That Built America.” Jerry told the other Parkland real estate owners that the Irishmen performed the number at the Oscar ceremony. The long movie received ten Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, but lost to Chicago. After all, Parkland real estate owners know Scorsese’s Gangs is no Goodfellas or The Departed.


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