As any South Florida real estate owner who has resided in the area for years is aware, hurricanes can be devastating. Who knows if we are going to get hit? But if we do, it can be devastating. Even after the eye hits our properties, breaks through walls and windows, as well as rips off roofs and flattens structures, there is the aftermath. Folks may have to go a week or two without power. Gasoline quickly gets scarce and home security becomes a growing concern, even with shutters up. That is why it is so important for everyone from Miami Beach luxury homes, Boca Raton mansions, Palm Beach Gardens apartments on the beach and Stuart homes to Sarasota condos to be prepared for hurricane Irma. With winds of 175 mph, the Category 5 hurricane is potentially catastrophic to Florida homeowners on both the East and the West Coast of the Sunshine State.

Preparation can be a lifesaver when a hurricane hits your home for sale in South Florida. At least you can prepare by having all the supplies you may need. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty and the Federal Emergency Management Agency wants you to see what to pack in your emergency kit.

For starters, may sure you have enough water in your home. It is suggested that a household of four has at least 12 gallons at their disposal.

Next, you may need plenty of cash, as stores and restaurants will not have access to electricity to run credit cards. In other words, hit the ATMs now before they run out of green.

A full week’s worth of medications is essential, including everything from aspirin and Pepto to birth control and anti-seizure pills.

Keep copies of all your important documents, such as IDs, passports, social security cards, bank account numbers, or concerts tickets to Joan Jett nice and safe in a waterproof container.

While water may be the first item on your hurricane checklist, you cannot forget about food. Every homeowner should have easy access to at least 3 days’ worth of canned foods. If it must be refrigerated, it won’t do your belly any good if your home loses power for a week. And be smart about what you pack. For example, stay away from salty chips and peanuts that will make you drink all your water in an hour or so.

Make sure you have all the sanitation essentials, from toilet paper and diapers to paper plates and garbage bags. Who knows when the garbage men will be able to drive through your neighborhood for another pickup?

Have your smartphone fully charged and backup batteries at your disposal, ranging from AAA to DD batteries for flashlights.

Do not forget your beloved pets. Make sure they have enough shelter, food, medicine, and love to make it through any dangerous hurricane.

Also, keep enough first aid materials throughout your home. Make sure it possesses Band-Aids of all sizes. You’ll need blankets too. A radio wouldn’t hurt either.

As long as the right preparations are taken, you, your family, and your South Florida luxury home should be safe from Hurricane Irma.


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