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Even with the autumnal equinox on September 23rd, temperatures are still remaining warm but it won’t last long. The cool winds of fall are just around the corner, and there are things home owners should do before the real cold weather sets in.

Fall Weather Predictions

Home owners across the U.S. are interested to know what to expect for this year’s fall and winter seasons. With the bitterly cold winter of 2014-2015 still frozen in their memories, it is no wonder home owners are wanting to prepare ahead for the change in season.

For the Southeast, including Florida from the regions where Fort Myers luxury homes lie all the way to Coral Gables luxury homes, a significant amount of moisture is expected to make its way through late fall and even beyond.

Other areas of the country also will continue to be slighter warmer through early fall except for the Midwest and Great Lakes area, where weather forecasters see a cooler than normal chill down to hit for fall.

The good news is weather predictions anticipate a milder winter for 2015-2016, but it is important to plan ahead and get your home prep now.

Home Maintenance for Fall

Home maintenance for fall helps owners across the U.S. and Florida, particularly residents in Fort Myers luxury homes, Oviedo real estate properties and north, prepare their homes to smoothly transition from summer to fall. The idea is to save money on utilities by clearing and fortifying the home and its systems in advance.

Areas to put on your weekend to-do list now:

1) Clear gutters.It’s best to clear out your gutters at the change of every season because debris from trees can build up. Not only will it stop drainage, but it can cause damage to Fort Myers luxury homes, particularly the downspouts and water damage to the roof.

Before fall begins dropping its leaves, purge your gutters by cleaning them out. Enlist a ladder, garden hose, trowel, and buckets, along with gutter sealant to close up any cracks or splits. Clean the downspout and be sure to remove any twigs, leaves and dirt by flushing out any other debris.

2) Weather-proof windows. Temperature control is based on keeping the inside air in, and the outside air out. If there are any leaks, home owners living in Fort Myers luxury homes can expect to see their electric bill rise, if not skyrocket.

To control your home’s temperature, start with the windows. This is really the first place where seals and air can escape out and get in so you want to be sure your windows are sealed tightly. Weatherstrip and caulk the windows.

3) Service your systems. Living in Florida, may make home owners forget that winter will hit their Fort Myers luxury homes and heaters will be turned on eventually. This is why you’ll want to make an appointment with a professional to tune up your heating system. If the home has a furnace, change the filter before the cold creeps in.

4) Chimney cleaning. Do you have a working fireplace? If so, it is time to clean it out. You may want to hire a professional chimney sweep if it’s been awhile since the flute has been thoroughly cleaned out. You don’t want any dangerous build up causing damage when it’s used this season.

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