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If you happen to live in an Orlando luxury home, you probably purchased one that includes a marvelous swimming pool. The kids can throw parties, while mom and dad float around on rafts. Everyone has a ball while earning nice tans. That means you have plenty of maintenance to deal with, consuming plenty of time and/or money. At least there are some precautions that people can take to ensure healthy water to swim in, 24/7.

For starters, always make sure you have the right size pump and filter to fit your pool. You can find out these specifications online or from a dealer. If you have an older swimming pool, you may find it is a good idea to update the pump, as the older ones don’t seem to last. Any time you get a new filter or pump for your swimming pool, look for a good warranty.

The pools in homes for sale in Orlando will have water pressure gauges as well. Too many swimming pool owners don’t pay attention to them though. But if you keep a close eye on one, you will be able to prevent serious problems. Just make sure you know what the pressure should be. When it climbs too high, it is a strong indication that your filter is blocked or that it needs to be replaced.

It is very important to keep the area of your pool where you place the chlorine clean. Check it each time before you add new chlorine tablets to it. They tend to build up calcium and that will result in you not being able to get the chlorine you need spread throughout the pool. As a result, plenty of other problems can occur.

Also, make sure you take the time to remove everything from the trap at the pump too. You will be amazed at what gets caught up there. It is mostly hair clogging everything up and blocking water from flowing through the pump. This can also result in the pump working too hard, reducing the overall lifespan of it.

Many experts will tell you to add your chemicals to the water after the sun goes down. This way, less of the chemicals will be evaporating during the day. This is especially true when it gets into the 90s or even over 100 during the summer months. If you can’t commit to adding the chemicals in the evening, then do it as soon as the sun comes up. At least that way your chemicals will have a few hours to sit in the water before the sun is beating down on it.

By avoiding common swimming pool problems, you will find you enjoy it more. You also will reduce the overhead expense associated with owning one. Routine maintenance is the key to having a great swimming pool that doesn’t continually have one problem after another for you to contend with. And when it comes time to sell your Orlando real estate, the pool may be your property’s most shining feature.


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