Romantic DVDs for Boca Raton Homeowners on Valentine’s Day, 2-9-2017

It’s time to snuggle up on the sofa and keep warm with your loved ones in your Boca Raton real estate. From passionate sonnets to superstar kisses, the right film can be a cinematic aphrodisiac to get lovers in the Valentine’s mood. Here is a couple of romantic films that are sexy, steamy, and enchanting.

Consolidating his signature style, Woody Allen became accepted as a brilliant writer, director and actor with1977’s Annie Hall. Woody is Alvy Singer, a comedian from Brooklyn who retraces the steps of his biggest heartbreak, Annie Hall. The title character is played by his favorite costar, The Godfather’s Diane Keaton. A few years of the two oddballs’ relationship in New York City is chronicled in the Oscar Award winning romantic comedy classic.

Allen employs several filmmaking tricks in Annie Hall. The script consists of lengthy, realistically-written scenes of conversation, and classic one-liners that only the nerdy individual himself can deliver. Just one of the extremely funny scenes consists of the couple carrying on an intellectual conversation with one another. At the same time, subtitles are shown displaying what each is really thinking. Woody Allen is hilarious, making statements like “I can’t get with any religion that advertises in Popular Mechanics.”

Another favorite of couples in Boca Raton luxury homes stars Richard Gere in the blue-collar fairy tale for adults in 1982’s An Officer and a Gentleman. The serviceman who tries to hustle his way through Officer’s Candidate School in the Forties gets more than steamy with Debra Winger. Louis Gossett Jr. won an Oscar for his supporting role as the sergeant who beats the officer into shape, literally. Directed by Taylor Hackford, An Officer and a Gentleman is truly a frog-turned-prince that makes sparks fly with a modern-day Cinderella. Joe Cocker took home a Grammy Award for “Up Where We Belong,” the movie’s poignant theme.

Many people with Boca Raton waterfront real estate believe that 1993’s True Romance is a modern-romantic classic. Reservoir Dogs writer Quentin Tarantino and Top Gun director Tony Scott teamed up in the Bonnie and Clyde-like web of crime, murder and mayhem. The superb movie is about a shy, comic-book and kung-fu fighting film loving gent, Christian Slater as Clarence Worley. The young man quickly falls in love with a prostitute from Tallahassee, portrayed by Patricia Arquette. The two unlikely lovers find themselves in possession of a suitcase belonging to the mob, and the newlyweds embark on an eventful journey from Detroit to Los Angeles to begin a new life with the fortune. However, both the police and the mob are close on their trail for murdering the girl’s pimp and fleeing with the suitcase full of goodies.

The film is filled with top-notch cameos for folks with Boca Raton waterfront homes for sale to enjoy. Gary Oldman is priceless as the hooker’s pretty-faced employer. Dennis Hopper explains exactly how Sicilians acquired dark skin and hair, while Christopher Walken singularly personified the face of evil. Val Kilmer is Elvis, James Gandolfini is a ruthless hit-man, and even Jack Black shows up in one of the deleted sequences. Perhaps the most memorable of the characters is Brad Pitt as the long-haired burn-out smoking from a honey bear bong. All the star power concludes with a bloody shoot-out that leaves the couple riding off into the sunset, free to embark on their new life together in Mexico. They even have an offspring, properly named Elvis.


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