Sarasota Zep Heads Look at Mothership

If you are an enormous fan of the mighty Led Zeppelin, the Mothership release offers nothing new. The double CD and DVD merely feature highlights of the group’s previous audio and visual material. The only fresh material a Sarasota real estate owner can acquire is a short history lesson of the legendary quartet penned by David Fricke. Rolling Stone’s well-respected journalist utilizes the title from their 1968 press release, “Hot, New English Group Led Zeppelin.”

Fricke wrote a “quick biography” of the greatest band to ever tour. 1968’s Zeppelin is compared to Jimi. Hendrix was still on top of the world, as was Cream. Readers learn about the members operating their own P.A. systems or adding mics to their own instruments. Something was happening that would define true rock and roll for decades to come. Cameron Crowe’s 1975 interview is referred to when Page talks about his mates taking chances with their writing.

Fricke describes how the four got together in the late summer of ’68. Influences range from the obvious Delta Blues to California’s psychedelic wave. Quoting Crowe’s writing again, there’s a one paragraph description of each member. The enthused but inexperienced Plant mimicked Page’s bowed guitar moans. The guitarist is modest about his instrument’s slashing outbursts on stage. He chats about the grueling recording process that became their best-known masterpiece, the untitled fourth album.  The rest of their work is touched upon, including the “Orchestral sandstorm” of 1975’s “Kashmir.” Plant even refers to the tune as the “definitive Zeppelin song.” He concludes that their 12-year run will never die, despite the many years that have passed after Bonzo’s death in 1980.

For folks with homes for sale in Sarasota who are inexperienced with 2003’s Zeppelin DVD, the package is still a treat for both the eyes and ears. It kicks off with a 1970 tour of perhaps their greatest achievement, Zeppelin II. Pulling from the Royal Albert Hall noteworthy set-list, viewers see “Bring It On Home” and “I Can’t Quit You Babe.” Interestingly, the original Zeppelin DVD labels the timeless song as “I Can’t Quit You Baby,” rather than “Babe.”

At Knebworth in 1979, the 11-year-old group uses synthesizers and dresses preppy. Jones drives an organ for a memorable performance of “Misty Mountain Hop.” On “The Ocean,” John “Bonzo” Bonham even steps out of character, grabbing a mic to sing with Plant. The DVD also contains “What Is and What Should Never Be” and an acoustic “Going To California.” Zeppelin blesses their massive crowd with the mystical epic, “Kashmir,” as well as the blue classic, “Whole Lotta Love.” The Knebworth footage is the best quality on the new DVD, as a number of 35-millimeter cameras capture Zeppelin from every angle.

Besides Fricke’s essay, Mothership is for beginners only. Those Sarasota luxury homeowners who appreciate the good stuff, but not quality journalism, should just acquire 1990’s life-altering box-set for a similar price. Then simply add Zeppelin DVD to your Hanukah list as well. At least we have this week’s The Song Remains the Same DVD with unseen footage to enjoy watching.


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