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So, it’s raining outside for a change here during the summertime in South Florida. It is too wet outside to play ball or spend time at the beach. Sure, there are plenty of video games, but not every man, woman, and child enjoys fighting off aliens and karate masters, as well as playing John Madden football. Pembroke Pines real estate owners and their children are left staying in and watching TV or DVDs on their couches. At least folks can enjoy timeless classics from the Eighties and literally laugh out loud.

In 1983, Harold Ramis directed National Lampoon’s Vacation, a script penned by one of the decade’s most prominent writers, Ferris Bueller’s John Hughes. Chevy stars as Clark W. Griswold, the adventure-seeker that loads his family of four into the metallic pea-green “Family Truckster.” The crew treks on a cross-country road trip for a visit to Disneyland-like theme park known as Walley World. But they have a few obstacles to overcome on their journey, such as canceled credit cards, inner-street violence and transporting a hostile Aunt Edna. But that doesn’t stop the father from getting a good look at the Grand Canyon, swimming naked with Christy Brinkley or kidnapping John Candy. Vacation is more than a simple get-away. It’s a historic quest.

Another flick to see in any home for sale in Pembroke Pines is John Candy’s first starring role was in 1985’s old-fashioned comedy, Summer Rental. Carl Reiner directed this light-hearted comedy about an overstressed air traffic controller who takes his family to the good old Florida sunshine.

Better Off Dead’s nutty director carried on the laughs with 1986’s One Crazy Summer. John Cusack travels to Nantucket and forms a crush on Demi Moore. The couple works together to defeat a spoiled rich kid in a boat race. But despite the big names, the best moments come when costar Bobcat Goldthwait rampages in a Godzilla suit.

Carl Reiner directed 1987 screwball comedy Summer School. Mark Harmon is a laid-back P.E. instructor who gets coerced into teaching over the summer. He ends up making deals with the lazy kids, bribing them to study. A love interest develops with his peer, Kirstie Alley, and pupils Chainsaw and Dave consistently put smiles on viewers’ faces.

1989’s Look Who’s Talking is a riot. Kirstie Alley as a working single mom in Manhattan and her “biological clock is ticking.” A charming Bruce Willis supplies the voice for her son’s thoughts starting when he was merely a sperm cell struggling towards her egg. John Travolta enters the scene as a cabbie that gets them to the hospital just in time. Speaking of a surrogate, Travolta gets his dance on with the 1-year-old, while Look Who’s Talking’s fun soundtrack includes “Staying Alive.” Willis scores some memorable one-liners, like “too much fruit,” and tells jokes at the playground.

Finally, folks in Pembroke Pines luxury homes may get a kick out of 1995’s Now and Then. The picture is about four girls questioning family and friendships as they each mature over one summer. Starring Demi Moore once again, Melanie Griffith and Rosie O’Donnell revisit their memorable summer of 1970.


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