Spring Break Snowboarding Packages for Windermere Homeowners

Now that the kids are out of school for spring break, what could be better than heading up to Colorado for a few days to go skiing with the whole family? After all, it is certainly better for the children than hanging around your Windermere real estate all day playing video games. Take advantage of the great outdoors.

Since the late Twenties, men and women have been exercising on snowboards. The shape of the boards is not unlike a skateboard or a small surfboard. By the Sixties, the sport had grown in popularity among people with homes for sale in Windermere. More than 50 years later, snowboarding has become one of the fastest growing sports around the world.

When an individual with a Windermere home for sale goes snowboarding, calories are effectively eliminated. Yet, you are putting minimal stress on your knees. You can burn roughly 500 calories in only an hour. Maneuvering around on the snow is physically demanding. Each time you shift the weight of your body from one end of the snowboard to the other, your muscles grow stronger. Your quads, calves, and hamstrings will all get more toned. Your larger leg muscles guide your path, while smaller muscles, such as your calves, steer your snowboard. With time, more and more fat will be eliminated. These days, you can even double the workout’s demands with specialized types of the exercise, like freestyle and backcountry snowboarding.

Every time you hit the slopes with freestyle snowboarding, your whole body is constantly moving. It is best known for freestyle jumps, allowing athletes to perform tricks in the air. Think of it as a half-pipe for skateboarders to show off their skills. Catching air works out your core muscles, as well as the balancing techniques of your legs. It would really be tough to imagine a more fun exercise to help you quickly slim down your physique.

Backcountry snowboarding focuses on longer adventures than freestyle workouts do. You get to glide hundreds of yards across the snow on your board, often on natural slopes. It takes plenty of energy to navigate across the lengthy distances. In other words, backcountry snowboarding burns lots of calories. It can certainly be an exciting adventure with picturesque scenery too.


Both freestyle and Backcountry snowboarding require preparation. Otherwise, you will likely fall on your face, breaking a bone or two. Make sure you work out your stomach muscles with crunches. Do 100 crunches on a daily basis before you try to make it down a snow-topped mountain on a board. If the sport is new to a person with a Windermere luxury home, he or she should take a lesson or two. Let an instructor teach you all about keeping your balance and finding your style on the snow. Should you use your left foot on the front or the back of the board? Do not forget to wear layers of waterproof clothes that can easily be taken off, along with many calories when you go snowboarding.


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