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Let’s say you want to make some food or your favorite drink sweeter without the use of calorie-packed sugar. You can now use a natural or a chemical sugar substitute. They often have very few calories, while other types have none, but are still sweeter than sugar. In other words, sugar substitutes are ideal for men and women suffering from diabetes, as well as anyone attempting to lose belly fat.

Most Fort Myers real estate owners consume sugar substitutes daily without even realizing it. They are used in almost every diet product on today’s market that is labeled light, low calorie or sugar-free. The Food and Drug Administration in the United States has approved six different sugar substitutes that can be found all over the market. Perhaps the most popular, aspartame, is used as both Equal and NutraSweet. Free from side effects, it’s considered free of calories. People depend on Acesulfame K as both Sunett and Sweet One. Containing no calories, it has no effect whatsoever on diabetics’ blood glucose levels. Sweet ‘N Low and Sugar Twin are the most popular brand names of saccharin. While causing bladder tumors in rats, saccharin is safe for humans. Sold as a dietary supplement, stevia is commonly known as sweet leaf, as well as sugar leaf. Made from real sugar, sucralose is relied on all over the world as Splenda. It cannot be used for energy, nor does it affect blood glucose levels. Finally, sugar alcohols, such as xylitol, are popular since they do not contribute to tooth decay. It’s suggested that you vary or blend your sweeteners to reduce overexposure to any one type.

People with homes for sale in Fort Myers may have heard that sugar substitutes can lead to cancer. However, this is not true, even for high intake users. Of course, people suffering from phenylketonuria (PKU) cannot use any aspartame, as their bodies will not be able to metabolize it. Otherwise, sugar substitutes do not pose any other disease related risks. In fact, they promote your overall health and can contribute to any weight loss plan. Even pregnant and nursing mothers can use aspartame, sucralose and sugar alcohols in small amounts. Of course, it never hurts to get a doctor’s blessing before depending on any alternative sugars.

When shopping at the grocery store, simply check a product’s ingredients for any of the sugar substitutes discussed. Of course, when it comes to slimming down your physique, you need to rely on more than the six different substitutes. You still must make wise decisions on where exactly you get your calories from. To get skinny, it’s only smart to depend on fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats. You should also try to wash everything down with water. Otherwise, you will be robbing your body of important nutrients. Doctors suggest that you limit your sugar substitutes to no more than three servings a day. While they are not the answer to cure obesity, it certainly cannot hurt to include a few sugar substitutes in any Fort Myers luxury homeowner’s diet.

Check out this video about artificial substitutes that may be found in your home:


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