The Best Realtors Keep Good Client Relationships

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Realtors work by referral. This means it is up to you to maintain good relationships with all clients – former, current, and future.

Building Client Relationships

No matter how intelligent people, for the most part all of them will choose someone to work with based on the personal connection they make. As an Oviedo real estate professional or Coral Gables luxury homes representative, you need to develop a strong connection.

3 Quick Tips on Making a Strong First Impression:

1) Use Their Name: Calling people by name makes them feel important. It’s a sign that you are focusing on them.

2) Do your Homework: If you can, do a little research in advance and find out what you can about this person. This will not only give you topics to relate on, but an insight on what they might like in terms of a property search.

3) Smile: Most realtors know that a good first impression starts with a smile. If not, then take note of study conducted by Kelton that found 3 out of 4 Americans found people who smiled more trustworthy.

Drive Business by Keeping in Contact

Just because you sell a property to a client, doesn’t mean the relationship needs to end. In fact, it is important that you don’t lose that contact.

By keeping in consistent, but not excessive contact with clients, you will develop client relationships that can last a lifetime and produce multiple referrals.

Ideas used by successful realtors to stay in touch without being annoying include:

  • Getting personal: Knowing the kind of person each client is, will clue you in to how much contact is too much or too little. A follow up call a few days after they’ve moved is a great way to show you care beyond just the sale.
  • Personalized gifts: Sending a little gift that is personalized with your name and number on it is a great way to remind them of you. Think a small magnetic calendars with your card information attached. Send your clients one during December as a little holiday gift, and it will help them remember you 365 days of the year.
  • Helpful information: Keep them informed of the local real estate market by delivering a letter – whether online or via traditional mail – that provides a rundown of the latest community news and local housing market.
  • Use Your Social Skills: Before the ink is dry on the deal, be sure to extend a social invitation to connect with them via one or more of the popular social networking sites. This will allow you to get to know each of your clients better, while maintaining insight into where they are at in regards to house hunting or business real estate.

Connect in Person

Having a face-to-face with clients is one of the best ways to keep a solid relationship intact, and get referrals coming your way. The problem many real estate professional have is that their client list is so long, it would truly be a feat to meet with every client in person.

One solution is to host a client appreciation party. This allows you to catch up with your best clients all at once. This way you can show your appreciation to existing clients as well as grow your business by asking them to share your name with their personal friends and family.

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