Weston Luxury Homes: What’s Your Idea of the Perfect Place?

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There is no formula for the perfect home. There are many Weston luxury homes that are indeed perfect, but what will make one of them the right one for you will depend on YOU.

Choosing Style, Location, Community for Weston Luxury Homes

Mediterranean or Spanish Style? New American or contemporary? This is one of those choices you will have to decide on when choosing from the Weston luxury homes available on the market.

Two other factors are the location and size. Located in the West Central area of Broward County, Weston is a relatively big city at just over 68,000 people counted in 2013. There are areas in around the 26.3 square mile area that interested home buyers have the luxury to choose from when deciding exactly where they want to start surveying properties in the Weston luxury homes market.

Determining the community and the neighborhood gives those just entering the area somewhat of a challenge. There are smaller communities with pools including the following: Patio Homes, Village Homes, Country Isles Garden Homes, Hibiscus Island, Bermuda Springs, Emerald Isles, Coral Harbor and Opal Creek and Emerald Estates.

Mid-sized communities like The Falls, The Meadows, The Lakes, North Lakes and Laguna Springs may be more to your liking. Or, if you want a truly large community, you will have the option of choosing from neighborhoods including The Isles at Weston and Savanna, The Ridges at Weston Pond, and don’t forget the Bonaventure portion of Weston.

There also are some communities that have a mixture of Weston luxury homes that are classified as single family homes and townhomes. Even Weston luxury homes listed as townhomes can be quite upscale. These include neighborhood listings in San Messina, San Michele, San Remo, San Sebastian, San Mateo, San Simeon, and The Courtyard at The Grove.

Narrowing Down Your Choices in the Weston Luxury Homes Market

To help winnow the myriad options to find your perfect place, heed the following 3 tips:

1) Talk to Your Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty Sales Professional

You are the only person who will know which home is just right for you. Your realtor is the one who knows the local real estate market. Together, you are a dynamite team. Go through your wish list and try to get a better understanding on what is and what isn’t realistic.

2) Be patient and stop worrying about the timing.

Never rush a deal or think you have to decide on a property that is currently listed just because you made the decision to buy. Be patient and wait for the one that fits your must-have list. Whether it is in a desired school district or gated community, wait until a property fitting your description comes onto the market.

Real estate professionals will tell you that home buyers can spend months waiting for the right home to become available. Just remember you never know what is about to come on the market and there isn’t a predetermined amount of time to look for a home before purchasing.

3) You have got to see passed the home décor.

You’re allowed to be disgusted by an ugly home, just don’t let it steer you away from what it truly can be. Stylistic choices are easily changed and shouldn’t affect your judgment of what a home could be.

For example, if the paint is the wrong color or the garish drapes hideous, set your eyes to see beyond the indecorum to the structure beneath. Don’t forget, the current owners’ unsuitable stuff will be gone when they move out.

At the end of the day, you’ll find Weston homes for sale that hit all the right must-haves, including those things that are the most important to you. Then the challenge will be choosing the perfect one.

Happy Searching!

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