Questioning Coral Gables Luxury Homes

Trying to sell Coral Gables luxury homes means you have to take a long, hard look at the properties. Just because they have a water view or are in a gated community doesn’t mean the home will sell itself.

Whether you are a realtor or a home seller, you have to try and take an objective look at Coral Gables luxury homes if you want them to sell, and if you want to get paid in full on your listing price.

If you are a Coral Gables luxury homes real estate professional than your job may be even tougher. Convincing homeowners that their homes may need some adjustments before a showing may take some finesse.

Assessing Issues in Coral Gables Luxury Homes

There may be some obvious issues with Coral Gables luxury homes that any visitor would notice, but the owners have become accustomed to or may just love.

Everyone has their own tastes and preferences. That is all good and well as long as you are living in the house. But, if you are trying to move a home so you can get on with your life then it makes sense to take a moment to size up your place.

If you are a homeowner, ask your Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty sales professional for their frank opinion, and don’t get offended. They are on your side and are just trying to reach the same goal you are – to sell your house!

Some common issues that can turn potential buyers off from a home include:

That Smell: Many homeowners become acclimated or are just unaware of how their Coral Gables luxury homes smell.

It could be pets leaving their own special scent or smokers on the back patio that brings in a lingering odor, either way, those are not what buyers want to remember your house by.

Opening windows and cleaning house are the best ways to eliminate most funky smells. If there is a strong odor that just won’t go away, you may want to light scented candles. Subtle home scents work best, like vanilla.

Also, there are even some cleaning products that can have an off-putting scent. As a homeowner, you should allow at least a day or two to go by after a thorough cleaning of the house or shampooing of carpets before opening it up for an in-home tour.

Storage Space: Even large homes can seem quite small when they have every closet filled up with stuff. From closets to the pantry and linens, if these spaces are overflowing with items it will give off the impression that there isn’t enough space.

Potential buyers touring a home may find it hard to look beyond the owner’s items and see their things in its place. Home owners should try and pack away the excess and leave closets and storage areas with enough room that a visiting home buyer can see space for their own items.

Dreary Atmosphere: What may seem cozy and comforting to a home owner may seem dreadfully dreary to a potential home buyer. From whimsical Disney themes to dark paint throughout a home, both of these scenarios have played out more than once for most realtors as they try to get buyers to see beyond.

Home owners really should paint their homes with light, bright neutral colors, which is appealing to most people. Also, be sure to use higher wattage light bulbs in darker areas of your home to brighten up space, and always pull back curtains to allow the natural light to filter. These are all big winners and lend a positive note to home buyers.

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