Oviedo Real Estate Marketing That Makes an Impact

The Oviedo real estate market is active and competitive. To stay ahead of the competition, realtors working to help their customers sell and buy homes for sale in Oviedo need to enlist a set of innovative real estate marketing ideas. This not only helps provide an advantage over the competition for sales professionals when done well it will generate leads and may even make it much easier to convert those leads into customers.

Marketing strategies for Oviedo real estate can range from essentials that put your brand on the map to a few innovative extras that can make you one of the go-to realtors in the Oviedo real estate market. Try the following suggestions on for size and see if these don’t jump-start calls from potential clients in the Oviedo real estate market.

Ask Past Clients for Testimonials

A job well done is easy to celebrate, especially when it has life-long implications like Oviedo real estate does! In today’s world, an online review speaks volumes when it comes to anything and everything including Oviedo real estate. As consumers in this technology driven world, we all know it so why not ask past clients for a review?

Happy Oviedo real estate buyers and sellers are a real estate professionals best brand ambassadors. Don’t be shy to ask them to post a review of your performance as their real estate professional on your website, Google+, and your social sites. Their feedback will give your brand social clout.

To really go all out, ask if you could videotape them for your site. Videos are appealing because they add credibility and genuineness to the testimonial.

Gain Name Recognition by Branding Your Car

Did you know that 60% of people are more likely to choose a name they recognize than the one they don’t, even if they are not sure where or why they recognize the name? This is why branding your name is so important in the Oviedo real estate market.

Advertising your name is one way to build name recognition in the Oviedo real estate market, but another handy way that is extremely cost effective is branding your car.

With a simple 11 x 17-inch car magnet on both sides of your vehicle will cost about $30 or $15 a piece, if not less. If you prefer to go all out, you can have a custom wrap done on your car. This latter is more expensive but it can add an air of sophistication.

As you travel through town running errands or showing off homes for sale in Oviedo, people will notice the name and number. When they or someone else they know needs a realtor, it will be easy for them to remember your name in an online search.

Create Your Own Unique Signature Look

Another impressionable way many realtors stay on the minds of their past and potential clients is to cultivate a signature look. A distinctive look that exudes personality is fun and a conversation starter.

Some ideas to consider: a particular hat style, a color worn more often than not, a style of dress, or hairstyle. Develop a positive and distinctive feature that reflects you and your personal brand is sure to make you more recognizable and your name memorable.

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