August 11, 2020
New Coral Gables Sales Professional

Ana De Collongette, Nora Walz and Monica Ferrari Join BHHS Florida Realty

Coral Gables, Florida – Ana De Collongette, Nora Walz and Monica Ferrari have recently joined Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty as Sales Professionals. The announcement […]
May 18, 2020
Nelly David

Forever Agent Nelly David Goes Above & Beyond a Realtor’s Call of Duty

Her commitment to the community reflects David’s love for her customers and communities. Miami, FL – Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty today announced that Nelly […]
January 16, 2018

What Racquetball Does for Homeowners

Do you come home from a long day at the office and look for a way to blow off steam? How about smashing a little […]
January 10, 2018

Get Better Sleep at Home

Experiencing some trouble falling asleep at night on your Coral Gables real estate can have horrible effects on your entire body. Besides looking tired, you […]
January 5, 2018

Homeowners Tricks to Staying Healthy

These days, there are simply too many middle-aged men and women living in Coral Gables real estate with dangerously high cholesterol levels. Thankfully, a few […]
August 14, 2017

Homeowners’ Pablo Picasso Paintings

Over the past century, many painters have become quite famous with their works becoming quite valuable. Some paintings from great artists can even go up […]
July 26, 2017

How Homeowners Protect Their Skin

Like it or not, you are going to get old. Your skin will grow weak and unattractive wrinkles will form. Fortunately, a few techniques exist […]
July 21, 2017

Homeowners Laugh at a Funny Film for Adults

Good movies these days are few and far between. But there are always a few old comedies that will make you laugh until your cry. […]
July 14, 2017

Plant a Vegetable Garden in Your Coral Gables Home

It’s not easy to ignore the soaring prices of food items these days, including vegetables. Although the backyard of your Coral Gables real estate may […]
July 11, 2017

Why Homeowners Should Eat More Strawberries

There is no question that strawberries are one of the most favorable foods for weight loss. The fruit is rich in nutrients to fill up […]
July 7, 2017

Homeowners Prepare for the Show of their Lives

Men, women, and children living in Coral Gables real estate, as well as the rest of South Florida are ecstatic to experience Roger Waters’ Us […]
July 5, 2017

Homeowners’ Morning Banana Diet

You may have heard of the eccentric Morning Banana Diet that recently gained popularity in Japanese culture. Your body is meant to get skinny after […]
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